STOTherm Classic K

An external wall insulation system with EPS board and entirely cement-free components, providing market-leading impact resistance of 60 joules, up to 10 times greater than a similar cementitious system.

StoTherm Classic was introduced in 1963, and has been tried and tested in every climate around the world for proven insulation performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Entirely cement-free system, up to 10 times more impact resistance than a cementitious system.
  • Efficient single-leaf construction allows for excellent thermal performance without reducing the interior space.
  • No additional expansion joints are required.
  • Finished in Sto through-coloured, weather resistant, vapour permeable synthetic renders in a range of textures and up to 800 colours.
  • Ready-to-apply system components.

Areas of Use

  • New build and refurbishment projects.
  • StoTherm Classic can be used on projects up to 18m in height. For areas over 18m, the StoTherm Vario and StoTherm Mineral systems should be used.
  • Can be applied to uneven substrates up to 50mm dependent on the selected fixing method.